Installation Procedures of Automatic Edge Banding Machine

It is necessary to check whether the ground is strong and flat before installing the automatic edge banding machine, and it is optimal to install it on the concrete surface to ensure the stability after setting. Meanwhile, the lightness where the machine is installed shall not be less than 500LUX and sufficient space shall be provided for installation, operation access, repair and maintenance.


The machine installation procedures are as follows:

1. Remove the packaging of fixed mechanical parts.

2. Put the machine on the ground and adjust them to be level.

3. Fix the coil edge banding materials on the machine with the storage turntable.

4. Connect external power cable, and 220V 50HZ three-phase four-wire power supply, and ensure the main power cable diameter is more than 4cm2.

5. Connect the air source.

6. Connect the suction pipe to the dust removal device.

7. Check whether the voltage is normal, and ensure the compressed air is sufficient and dry.


The automatic edge banding machine is used for a secondary finishing of uneven panels or ruffles, burrs or non-verticality caused by the panel saw and cutting saw to ensure edge banding of panels is flat, and the edge banding is strip is closely fitted with the panels, thus achieving a better edge banding effect.

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